Nutrient Injections

In a time crunch? Nutrient injections are a quick and easy way to get the nutrients to support your body when you’re running short on time.


What are nutrient injections?

While IVs deliver nutrients directly into the veins, nutrient injections are administered into the muscle, where they are quickly absorbed through the tissue.

No consultations or appointments are necessary for these injections, although as always, you are welcome to talk to us about your specific concerns so we can help tailor the shots to your needs.



D.O.E. (Department of Energy) will make you feel full of energy! A mix of B12, B complex and L- Carnitine, this shot will help fade away that cloud of fogginess and fatigue. It will give you that extra boost of energy needed to get you through the day without the calories or sugar of an energy drink.

The Slender

This vitamin injection is composed of B12, MIC, and L- Carnitine. The B12 will help to give you that boost of energy needed for your workout without having the crashing feeling that pre-workouts give you. Paired with the MIC and L-Carnitine which both have fat burning components.

The Chill Pill

If you're feeling a bit stressed and lethargic this is the vitamin injection for you. This injection has both glycine and magnesium in it which help to reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety while making you calm and helping you sleep. B12 is also in this shot to help with that overwhelming tiredness.

The De-Stress Express

Magnesium is great for relieving stress and helping you get that much-needed sleep while B5 and B12 are going to help get rid of that fatigued and overly tired feeling that often causes stress in the first place. This injection is great for those of you living busy and stressful lifestyles.

The Forever Young

Composed of Biotin, Glutathione and Glycine this injection will help you stay forever young. Its great for hair skin and nail health while also being an antioxidant and detoxifying. On top of that it will also help to reduce anxiety and keep you calm which in return will keep you looking refreshed and forever young!

The Super Immune

Whether you travel for work or just have a weak immune system this injection is right for you.  Composed of glutathione and lysine which are used for detox and immune support this shot will boost your immune system to keep you from getting sick. B12 is also in this shot to help give you that extra boost of energy you need!

Nutrient Pricing

single nutrient injection
Single Nutrient

Our most affordable option is a single nutrient injection! If you know which nutrient you need specifically, this may be the best option for you.

Nutrient Injections
Vitality Injections

Our vitality injections are a great option for people who want an all-around health boost. These include two or more nutrients that work together to garner many benefits. 

Custom Vitamin and Nutrient Injections
Additional Nutrients

We charge a flat rate for any additional nutrient you would like to add to your injection of choice. This is great to customize an injection for your personal needs.


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