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Post-Care: IV Injections and What to do After a Session

With all the tasks you have to complete within a day, it can be very easy for you to lose track of your overall nutrient intake. The day passes quickly, and at the end of it all, you may not have gotten a balanced diet. When a busy schedule is a hindrance, IV therapy can be a convenient solution, as it allows for nutrients to be injected directly into your body. While side effects are usually minimal or non-existent it is still important to keep an eye on the injection site and follow some basic after-care rules and procedures.


Reasons for IV Therapy

There are a variety of conditions people may experience that would encourage them to seek out IV therapy. It can be as mundane as being fatigued from the stress of a day. Or they might be full of anxiety. It can even treat a condition like insomnia or sleep deprivation. For the common cold, you may opt for an injection of vitamin C. IV therapy could also treat weight gain, acne, and general malaise. If you are suffering from an ailment, it is likely that injection therapy can help. 



Getting nutrients via injection rather than consumption can help the body with absorption. When the digestive system breaks down food and supplements, the body does not absorb as many nutrients. With the digestion process out of the way, the body can absorb more at one time. Injections also make it easier to receive higher doses of nutrients than you would receive through normal consumption.



Strong proponents of the positive side effects of IV therapy include celebrities such as Adele and Chrissy Tiegan. The former, in particular, took IV drips to perform for eight nights at L.A.’s Staples Center three years ago. 


After-Injection Care

When you receive an IV injection, it might feel cold getting the liquid beneath the skin. Possible side effects include minor pain at the injection site. Positive results will be apparent right away for some ailments such as light sickness, jet lag, or a hangover. But in other cases, it might take multiple sessions to really feel a change. After each session, keep the following aftercare instructions in mind:


  1. In the days that follow the session, check the injection site for bruising or swelling.
  2. If there happens to be bruising or swelling, either put a cold pack on the site or get a thin cloth, put it on your skin, and place ice on the cloth.
  3. Shower or bathe as you normally would.
  4. As you do your regular activities, be mindful of the injection site for a day or two. Try to prevent it from having rough contact with anything.


Time for Treatment

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned conditions, see if Hangover IV is right for you. It can provide you with enough supplements and nutrients to make you feel more focused and motivated to take on the tasks that you need to get done. Consult with Hangover IV to begin your IV regimen. 

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