Everything You Need to Know about IV Drip Bars

A hangover is one of the most dreaded experiences we can have. Our whole Saturday has flown out the window, just because we had a few too many drinks the night before. Some people rely on a greasy breakfast sandwich for relief, while others turn to energy drinks. But the smart ones are trying IV drip bars and are having far more success. In addition to ailing hangovers, this popular treatment choice may have many other health benefits.


What Is an IV Drip?

You might be familiar with the sight of IV drips in hospitals. Short for intravenous, IV therapy delivers liquid substances right to your vein. This method is quicker and more effective than taking medicine orally, as the oral method is much slower and the nutrients from the medicine are only partially absorbed into the body. In a hospital setting, these IV fluids typically include medications and fluids necessary for proper nutrition and/or survival.


When IV Drips Aren’t Medically Necessary—the Drip Bar

Today, more and more people are opting to receive vitamin-loaded IV therapy on demand, even when it isn’t medically necessary. Fans of the treatment include celebrities, such as Crissy Teigen and Adele, who preach such health benefits as feelings of vitality and even glowing, radiant skin.

Many companies that offer at-home or in-office voluntary IV drips say they can boost your immune system, fight lethargy, and help your body work toward healthier skin, in addition to serving as a hangover cure


What’s in These IVs?

What’s in these IVs is typically up to the person receiving treatment. Vegetarians and vegans may opt for a quick shot of B-12, an essential vitamin found abundantly in animal proteins. Someone with a cold may choose to receive vitamin C to boost their immune system. When injected intravenously, these essential vitamins completely bypass your digestive system, leading you to feel the effects almost instantaneously. 

Popular vitamin IV choices include vitamin C, selenium, vitamin B, calcium, and magnesium. 


Is IV treatment Needed More Than Once?

Just like taking vitamins orally, the effects of vitamins taken intravenously may not always be felt immediately. To see real effects, you might need to go to a handful of sessions. However, if you’re experiencing a hangover, light sickness, or jet lag, you will likely feel the results immediately.



Vitamin IVs Have Multiple Purposes

A vitamin IV can be used just like oral vitamins for preventive care and maintaining wellness. It can also be used to treat short-term ailments or acute conditions. These IVs can help you to improve more than just one area of your health.


What Are the Intended Effects?

The intended effects of vitamin IVs are very positive. People have reported experiencing enhanced mood, increased energy, muscle recovery, immediate hydration, mental clarity, and better sleep. 

If you are already healthy and eat a wholesome and nutritious diet, you may not benefit from vitamin IV therapy. That is, until you have a rough night and are feeling less-than-yourself the next morning.


Looking for Vitamin IV Treatment?

Whether you’re reading this while hungover or you feel like you just need an extra boost, check out Hangover IV if you’re in the San Diego, California area. They provide IV therapy, nutrition injections, and concierge services to meet any and every health need you have, whether that’s at home or at work.

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